Tulsa Welding School Launches TWS Mobile Welding Unit

This Thursday, TWS premiered the TWS Mobile Welding Unit.
The mobile weld training until is TWS’s way to bring the trailer, the equipment, and the expertise straight to jobsites to train employees, new and old. People can practice TIG, stick, or MIG on the machines our mobile unit provides.
The TWS Mobile Weld Training Unit is prepared with 8 individual training stations, allowing several welders to work at the same time with an American Welding Society (AWS) Certified TWS Instructor. Multiple groups can be rotated throughout the day for maximum coverage.
“For an employer the return on investment is that they can invest in their employees, whether it be existing employees or new employees, a skill that may be needed either in their industry or in a transitional phase,” said Robert Pope, President of Tulsa Welding School & Technology Center. “So it’s not like they have to invest in infrastructure to create this training or this need. This is something we can do for them.”