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Contact StrataTech TodayThanks for visiting the StrataTech Education Group website. At StrataTech, our business focus is providing hands-on skilled trades educational environments and technology-driven initiatives to help industry employers overcome today’s biggest issue: finding, developing, and retaining skilled workers.

Developing Industry Leading Trade Schools

We are a student-first education company. Our industry-leading trade schools – Tulsa Welding School and The Refrigeration School, Inc (RSI) – equip thousands of graduates a year with the foundational skills they need to enter successful, life-changing careers and become valuable, qualified assets to industry employers nationwide.

Our vision is to deliver an excellent return on investment for our students and our investors. We recognize the fact that reskilling and upskilling our industry professionals is critical. Our nation’s industrial workforce simply has to be highly skilled to meet the increasing demands of our country’s growing infrastructure needs. We would love to hear from you.

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