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Our Purpose. Our Vision.

A consistent issue facing skilled-trade industry employers today is finding, developing, and retaining skilled workers. StrataTech Education Group is addressing that issue.

Our industry-leading trade schools – Tulsa Welding School and The Refrigeration School, Inc (RSI) – equip thousands of graduates a year with the foundational skills they need to enter successful, life-changing careers and become valuable, qualified assets to industry employers nationwide. Our vision is to deliver an excellent return on investment for our students and our investors.

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Industry Leading Vocational Schools

StrataTech Education Group’s first acquisition was Tulsa Welding School (TWS) in 2008. TWS has locations in Tulsa, OK, Jacksonville, FL, and Houston, TX. Founded in 1949 by two welders, Tulsa Welding School has built a reputation for excellence that has endured over seven decades. In addition to welding, our campuses now also offer training in pipefitting, shipfitting, electro-mechanical technologies, refrigeration technologies, and electrical applications.

In November 2009, StrataTech acquired The Refrigeration School, Inc. (RSI) in Phoenix, AZ. Started in 1965 to train HVAC/R technicians, RSI has since added programs for electrical technologies, electro-mechanical technologies, and welding to respond to the growing demand for entry-level electricians, facility maintenance technicians, and welders.

Our Campuses:

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Working With
Employment Partners

Technology evolves, and our industry partners require world-class workers with the skills to address the nation's growing infrastructure needs. But the way we can teach those skills has to adjust with the times. That's why StrataTech Education Group continues to pioneer developments in skilled-trade education with out of the box thinking.

We will continue to explore innovative training methods to provide students with the best possible training outcomes, and employers with highly qualified skilled candidates to meet hiring demands.


OcuWeld is a new, innovative Virtual Reality welding simulator designed by expert welding instructors for the benefit of our welding students.

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This business development division offers our education experience directly to companies who want to upskill or certify current employees, or train new hires.

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Welder Qualification Training on site at your location. Our mobile weld training unit allows several welders to work with an AWS certified instructor.

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