Tulsa Welding School Debuts Season 3 of Top Welder

After 2 highly successful season, Tulsa Welding School has released season 3 of Top Welder, a welding competition hosted by Legendary Bull Rider Dale Brisby.

In Top Welder, 4 teams of welders compete against each other in 3 rounds. During each round, the teams must weld a project to completion. Whoever wins the round earns points before the next round starts. Each round has more points than the last. The team with the most points at the end of all 3 rounds is the winner.

The prize for First Place is a full-ride tuition scholarship to Tulsa Welding School. The prize for Second Place is a half-paid tuition scholarship.

4 teams will compete! Only one will win!

  • Hosted by Legendary Bull Rider Dale Brisby!
  • 4 teams of welders, 2 welders each.
  • 4 welders from Tulsa Welding School and RSI.
  • 4 female welding TikTok influencers.
  • A battle for the title of Top Welder.


Watch the full competition.