Tulsa Welding School Builds MOBS Trailer for Science Heads

Serving our communities is one of our top priorities. Students of Tulsa Welding School (Tulsa campus) are currently building the pier (a tripod that holds the telescope mount in place) for the new mobile observatory (MOBS) trailer for the local Tulsa chapter of Science Heads Inc. Tulsa Welding School’s pipe vendor also donated materials to help build the equipment to support the telescope.

Science Heads is a non-profit that provides tours throughout the country that support STEM education and raise science literacy in communities. The MOBS trailer is tool to educate students about space and allows them to stargaze from a state-of-the-art telescope.

This partnership takes our commitment to supporting our communities all the way to the stars. We’re proud to support STEM and play a role educating our youth on discovering science, innovations and potential future careers!

Thank you to our faculty, and especially to TWS instructor Zoƫ Hocker, for helping make this happen. To infinity and beyond.


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