StrataTech’s Virtual Reality Technology Gets Highlighted in CBS Tulsa


Caring for student success is the ultimate goal of Tulsa Welding School.

But students can only succeed when they are equipped with the skills they need.

At Tulsa Welding School, we are incorporating virtual reality (VR) technology into our welding, HVAC/R, and electrical training programs.

This technology allows students to practice anywhere at anytime without having to use physical tools or work in labs.

Of course, this isn’t a substitute for in-person, hands-on training. It is, however, an additional opportunity for students to enhance their talents and achieve their goals as professionals in the skilled trades.

In an interview with CBS TulsaChris Schuler, Director of Training and Student Services, and Shalisa Powell, Campus President, explained why we developed this technology and how it prepares our students for the future of skilled trades industries.

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