RSI and Sigler Wholesale Distributors Launch HVAC Employee Bootcamp

RSI launched a partnership with Sigler Wholesale Distributors for a skilled trades training bootcamp on January 4, 2021.

The RSI Pro Tech Bootcamp provides hands-on HVAC technician training to anyone who wants to ply the HVAC trade as a career choice. Sigler, as the partner in this bootcamp, is the supply house and provider for all training materials.

“We are excited to be partnering with Sigler again to train and educate workers to become skilled trades professionals,” said Mary Kelly, president and CEO of StrataTech Education Group. “At RSI, we are passionate about bringing awareness to skilled trades education by addressing stigmas and encouraging people to take part in this growing essential industry. We are happy to bridge the skilled trades labor gap locally by collaborating with Sigler to help them increase the level of skill for HVAC technicians, resulting in profitable companies providing an incredible customer experience.”

Read the full story about the partnership here.