Mary Kelly Speaks on Panel About Need for New Tradespeople, the Chance to Attract Diverse groups to Skilled Trades Jobs

Mary Kelly, CEO of StrataTech Education Group, spoke at a panel about the need to attract younger and diverse demographics to fill skilled trades jobs, as well as the ways to do it. The panel was hosted by the Valley of the Sun Construction Financial Management Association. In addition to Kelly, Dr. Jacquelyn Elliot of Central Arizona College and Kimberly Kahl of Arizona Builders Alliance also spoke on the panel.

“Being part of this panel was important to me because I believe so strongly in the value of skilled labor,” Kelly said. “College isn’t right for everyone, and younger generations are looking for alternative life paths to a four-year degree. Women, people of color, veterans and disabled people are all capable of finding fulfilling jobs in trades like construction. I appreciate the Valley of the Sun Construction Financial Management Association for ringing the bell on the lack of new tradespeople and opening up the discussion for a solution.”