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MIG Welder Fundamentals

The MIG Welder Fundamentals course, designed by our expert welding instructors, will equip Amazon associates with the foundations skills necessary to find employment as entry-level MIG welders.

MIG welding is a welding process that uses a solid wire electrode from a welding gun. It’s most commonly used in the automotive, construction and manufacturing industries. 

Workers enrolled in this course will also use our OcuWeld virtual reality welding software for an immersive simulation of what it’s really like to be a MIG welder as well as reinforce welding techniques learned in the lab. 

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Career Potential

The MIG Welder Fundamentals course opens the door to job opportunities in the field of welding. Here are just a few examples of the jobs graduates can pursue: 

  • MIG Welder
  • Ironworker apprentice
  • Shipbuilding
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction

HVAC Technician Fundamentals

An A/C unit blowing hot air on a sweltering summer day in sticky states like Arizona, Texas and Florida can be a major emergency. This program teaches students electrical and mechanical principles with hands-on diagnosing, servicing, and repairing heating, cooling and refrigeration problems to prepare them to work as service and maintenance helpers. In this module students will:

  • Learn the fundamentals in electricity 
  • Learn schematic wiring as well as test meter usage along with all the safety processes associated with handling electrical systems such as grounding and energized circuits. 
  • Work with dual voltage systems commonly found in HVAC/R equipment.
  • Learn the fundamentals of refrigeration and the mechanical properties of refrigerants and the refrigeration cycle
  • Learn to use many of the tools associated with the refrigeration industry such as: manifold gauge set, vacuum pumps, service wrenches, charging, and recovery equipment. 
  • Be prepared to work in close proximity to rotating machinery and refrigerant handling
  • Provide students with a certification in 410A safety 
  • Provide students with the 609E EPA certification
  • Prepare students for entry-level positions as:
    • HVAC Service Helper

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Electrical Technician Fundamentals

The Electrical program is the perfect fit for someone who wants a career where they can work with their hands and prepare for an electrical apprenticeship. This program trains and prepares students for entry as new construction and maintenance electricians. Students learn to install and maintain electrical equipment for residential and commercial structures as well as read blueprints and create job estimates. Students should develop an understanding of electrical principles, the National Electric Code and how they apply to buildings and facilities. In this program students will:

  • Learn the basics electrical understanding from an elemental stage through troubleshooting
  • Learn schematic wiring as well as test meter usage along with all the safety processes associated with handling electrical systems such as grounding and energized circuits
  • Understand the basic electrical principles of single phase and three phase motors
  • Learn basic techniques of Residential wiring from the standpoint of interpreting all code book requirements. Students will put into practice all that they have learned by wiring a scaled down three-bedroom home
  • Learn proper selection of pull boxes and junction boxes, the factors involved in conductor selection and calculations, the proper techniques for conductor installations, as well as the various applications necessary for conductor terminations and splices. 
  • Task students with code book interpretation through the study of load calculations, blue print reading, cost estimating, three phase motor wiring, and conduit manipulation. 
  • Prepare students for entry-level positions as:
    • Residential Electrical Helper

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Career Services

Graduates in good standing are provided assistance in resume writing, completing employment applications and job search preparation as well as ongoing access to employer job openings. The Career Services Department maintains computer files on hundreds of employers nationwide and receives constant contacts from employers to hire our graduates. Due to individual differences and personal attributes, neither RSI/TWS nor any other institution can guarantee graduate employment.

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