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MIG Welder Fundamentals

Professional Welders are found everywhere – automotive, aerospace and aviation industries; bridges and bikes; shipyards, shops and skyscrapers – wherever metal needs adhering, a welder is needed. By being trained as a skilled professional welder, you’ll have career opportunities nationwide, and even worldwide. That means almost anywhere you want to go, welding can take you there. In this program students will:

  • Be introduced to welding safety, responsibilities, equipment use and maintenance, and basic fundamentals in procedure and operations. Evaluate welds, cut and prepare metal plate, perform overlap beads in various plate positions, and begin fillet welds for plate T-joints.
  • Learn MIG and Fluxcore welding process, welding codes, reading basic blueprints, calculating dimensions and completing layouts.
  • Perform plate welding in various positions and perform Plasma and Carbon Arc cutting.
  • Prepare students for numerous entry-level jobs in Stick/SMAW welding

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HVAC Technician Fundamentals

The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Technician Fundamentals course, designed by our expert instructors, will equip Amazon associates with the foundations skills necessary to find employment as entry-level HVAC technicians. Students will learn how to diagnose, service, and repair heating and cooling problems.

Students enrolled in this course will also use our Interplay virtual reality HVAC software to get a simulation of what working like an HVAC technician is really like.

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Career Potential

The HVAC Technician Fundamentals course opens the door to job opportunities in the fields of HVAC and refrigeration. Here are just a few examples of the jobs graduates can pursue:

  • HVAC field apprentice
  • HVAC Helper
  • Amazon Maintenance Tech 1

Career Services

Graduates in good standing are provided assistance in resume writing, completing employment applications and job search preparation as well as ongoing access to employer job openings. The Career Services Department maintains computer files on hundreds of employers nationwide and receives constant contacts from employers to hire our graduates. Due to individual differences and personal attributes, neither RSI/TWS nor any other institution can guarantee graduate employment.

Training provided by Tulsa Welding School & Technology Center | 243A Greens Rd. Houston | TX 77060

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